A journey that began with twenty-four independent rental car agents is now a huge family. Spread in more than 1500 locations worldwide, it is preferred by many for being great in their services. Today, it offers not only cars, but trucks, SUVs, and vans for rental rides. National Car looks forward to satisfying the business travellers throughout, to make their work trips hassle-free and successful.

It is the most popular car rental service that keeps safety on the top. As a part of the Complete Clean Pledge, their ongoing commitment is to increase safety measures for the customers and employees. The National Car is a member of the Clorox Safer Today Alliance. As a member, they receive ongoing support and guidance around enhanced safety measures from experts at the CDC Foundation and Cleveland Clinic.


  • Offer Emerald and other club memberships
  • Spread across the globe to limit travel boundaries
  • Business and trade trips made easy
  • A variety of cars offered as per requirements


  • Expensive
  • Broken customer service
  • More oriented towards business and trade rental trips

They Offer Emerald Club Membership

Their loyalty membership program begins with Emerald Club. It offers one rental credit for every qualified car rental. Also, seven credits equal a free rental day. This is the highlight! Not to forget, there is no need to pay extra while a family member or a business official is driving.

Benefits With Executive Club

Here, for every qualified car rental, it offers one rental credit. For car rental in the USA or Canada, the option to choose a car of full size or above while paying for the midsize rate attracts many!

Credits By Executive Elite Club

It offers one rental credit for every qualified car rental, with a free rental day that comes from five credits! Also, within fifty miles of the US and Canada, you will have your car at the most private airports! Sounds great?

Multiple Options

You get to choose Economy Rental, Compact, Compact Convertible, and Midsize Convertible while renting a car. It has been providing its services for 35 years now. They offer 29 car classes with midsize, regular, luxury, sports, elite, and others. Standard, full disel, and premium pickup trucks are also available.


The car rental services by National Car are a little expensive as compared to others. The benefit comes from the club memberships. But some unnecessary charges cost higher than other car rental services.

Customer Service Not Smooth

Their customer service is not smooth. For many, delayed response in communication and actions have raised eyebrows.

For Trade and Business Rentals

It isn’t merely for trade and business trips. But it is the most suitable for such purposes.