They say ‘Better is always evolving, we are too.’ Spread across 5,500 locations in nearly 165 countries, Avis is a famous car rental service. Avis Au specifically caters to the rental requirements in Australia. From Sydney, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Darwin and Alice Springs, it is spread across 220 locations covering airports and downtown regions. It is a favourable car rental service today.

They are also into selling cars. They ask the customers to shop for pre-owned cars. With the large inventory of Avis Certified Vehicles, people can look for their cars today.


  • Spread globally in more than 160 countries
  • The amazing range for commercial vehicles
  • Mechanic and wear and tear assistance provided
  • One way car hire also possible
  • Avis App


  • Major focus on commercial vehicles
  • Not much support from Customer Care
  • Overwhelming response leads to a shortage

Wide Choice In Car Rentals

Economy Manual, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, Full Size, Eco-Friendly, or Signature Series, choose any of the multiple options given by Avis Au.

Luxury Car Hire

Mercedes and BMWs! Names are enough to attract those who wish to go for a luxurious ride with the reins in their own hands!

Commercial Vehicles Rental Benefits

Avis Au provides options for utes, 4WDs, delivery vans, busses, refrigerated vehicles, tautliners, and much more. A huge range of commercial vehicles for rental purposes is a great benefit! Hydraulic lifts, ramps, trolleys etc. are the add ons with Avis Au.

Long and One Way Car Hire

Added benefits from the side of Avis Au give long term and one-way car hire. Booking for the long term hire is an easy process with 24x7 mechanical breakdown assistance. While on the other hand, Avis Au offers a range of one-way rentals for only $1 per day.

They Offer Protection and Coverages Too

Avis Au believes in providing protection and coverage too. Extended roadside assistance from hazards and emergencies is one of those. Apart from this, Loss Damage Waiver, Personal Accident Insurance, Emergency Sickness Plan, Personal Effects Insurance, Additional Liability Insurance, and many other supports are also provided.

Assistance From Avis App

Avis App helps to share rental receipts, find parking spots, and manage the profile and preferences. The app limits the hassle of car rental services and makes it easy for all.

Better For Commercial Purposes

Rather than personal car rental, it works great for commercial and business trips. However, it is a disadvantage for personal usage.

Customer Support Not Available

Any car rental service needs to have mandatory customer support. But here, many people have reported broken customer service.

Shortage Of Cars

Sometimes, due to overwhelming responses for the car hire, a shortage of cars is observed. Some customers were dissatisfied due to lack of availability.