The Enterprise USA founded in 1957 by Jack Taylor, a WWII Hellcat Pilot works on the philosophy of ‘Take care of your customers and employees first, profits will follow.’ With 8,000 locations worldwide, Enterprise USA not only deals with car rental services but with other transportation solutions too. Be it truck rentals, car sharing, or car sales, the portfolio is dynamic!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car's primary focus is the local rental car market, specialising in car rentals to consumers who need a replacement car as the result of an accident, mechanical repair, theft, or who require a vehicle for a special occasion such as a short business or leisure trip. In 1995, Enterprise Rent-A-Car also began expanding its operations to include the airport market, and now serves airports in the United States, Canada, the UK, Spain, Germany, and Ireland. The company's initial entry into Europe came in 1994.


  • Amazing Car Classes
  • Good Commercial range of vehicles
  • Short Term Car Rentals-Hourly, Daily, Weekly


  • Some additional charges-International transaction fees, etc.
  • Another hassle to reach out to customer care

20 Car Classes To Choose

Enterprise USA offers 20 Car Classes with a wide range of economy, mid-size, full size or luxury cars. Options for sporty, full-size elite, convertible, intermediate electric and luxury ranges with BMW and Mercedes are available for the customers with no hassle. The best comes with ‘You Click We Pick.’

You Click We Pick

It is an option to crack a great deal! Customers can click on the best rate and Enterprise USA shall pick up the car at the time of the rental.

SUVs, Trucks, and Van Rental Options

With 12 SUV Classes, 2 Trucks Classes, and 6 Vans Classes, the choice gets better! Moreover, the facility of rental services for moving trucks and vans is not merely for business but for personal usage too.

Exotic Car Rental Facility

‘Rent the luxury. Own the thrill.’ With this, Enterprise USA aims to provide the best luxury to its customers. A wide range of luxury performance sports, elite SUV, Premium Elite, Sedan Electric, American Muscle Car, and others are available.

Expensive Options To Choose From

Many customers have reported increased prices in the services offered by them. There are some charges that a customer is usually unaware of. For example, International transactions fee, certain cancellations, etc.

Unable To Reach Customer Care Department

Most of the customers have issues with the customer care department being unable to answer their queries. The reaching time is long and this wastes a lot of time.